Flannelwood: A Novel.

Red Hen Press will bring out this book in June 2019. Stay tuned!
Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman.

More information is coming in the spring of 2019!
The Last Deaf Club in America.

Ghosts of famous Deaf people return when a group of Deaf people must decide whether to sell the last Deaf club in America ...
The Kinda Fella I Am: Stories.

"I used to be the kinda fella who was expected to sit quietly in his wheelchair by the sidelines ..." So begins a new collection of stories that explores the disabled gay male experience ...
The Kiss of Walt Whitman Still on My Lips.

While lamenting my unrequited love for a hearing gardener, I reflect on Walt Whitman, a gay poet who lived some 150 years ago ...
QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology.

Intersectionality isn't just a buzzword with these 48 writers from all over the world ...
From Heart into Art: Interviews with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Artists and Their Allies.

For over a decade, I have been interviewing Deaf and hard of hearing artists and their allies about their creative and arts accessibility work. This volume features over 70 people!
How to Kill Poetry.

With the ghosts of Emily Dickinson, Arthur Rimbaud, Sappho, and Walt Whitman leading the way, the book showcases a highly selective overview of Western civilization poetic development ... Find out more!
Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets on the Midwestern Experience.

What does it mean to be a gay or bisexual man living in the Midwest? I found 18 poets willing to answer that very question. The anthology is the result.
Callisto: A Queer Fiction Journal.

My many projects included editing this journal featuring queer writers.(It is unfortunately on hiatus.)
This Way to the Acorns: Poems (The 10th Anniversary Edition).

If you've lamented the fact that this book has gone out of print, your prayers are now answered! It's been redesigned with a new cover and an afterword by yours truly. Check it out!
Silence Is a Four-Letter Word: On Art & Deafness (The 10th Anniversary Edition).

Handtype Press has reissued an updated version. Learn more here!
Road Work Ahead: Poems.

A journey you'll never forget: Find out just why folks like Jude Nutter, Pia Taavila, Philip F. Clark, and Steven Reigns are raving about my fourth collection of poems. Check out my Road Work Ahead clips, download a free PDF sampler, and other good stuff here!
Notes of a Deaf Gay Writer: 20 Years Later.

In this ebook-only edition, I revisit the essay that brought me national attention for the first time ...

Shhh. My third book of poems Mute is out. (Pssst. Want to order your copy with FREE shipping within the U.S.? Here's how. SHHH.)
Men with Their Hands: A Novel.

My Deaf gay novel Men with Their Hands is finally loud and proud! It won first place in the Project: QueerLit 2006 Contest. And Rebel Satori Press is publishing it via their Queer Mojo imprint!
Whispers of a Savage Sort and Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience.

My collection of four full-length plays is out and about onstage! Two (yep, two!) subtitled video clips in which I talk about being a playwright and this book are posted here!
Assembly Required: Notes from a Deaf Gay Life (Updated).

No one gives you a manual on how to be a Deaf gay man. The tenth anniversary edition of my memoir Assembly Required: Notes from a Deaf Gay Life (Updated) is at last available from Handtype Press!
Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader.

The acclaimed anthology is available! There's also a video clip, reviews, and nifty stuff about the book.
When I am Dead: The Writings of George M. Teegarden.

Who the heck is George M. Teegarden, and why should anyone care?
St. Michael's Fall: Poems.

This is where my career as a poet began ...
May these books and DVDs rest in peace.

Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader (1993)
Snooty: A Comedy (2004) [Reprinted, 2009]
Manny ASL: Stories in American Sign Language (2002) (DVD)
Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork (2003) (DVD)
Nathie: No Hand-Me-Downs (2005) (DVD)

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