Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a deaf ghost movie,
which has been way too long in the making but we're getting there!

HIPPOS & GIRAFFES was a completely unexpected--but happy--accident. It was Monique Holt's idea that we preserve her performance of my monologue which she did the previous weekend. Tim Chamberlain directed; he and I are currently co-editing the 28-minute film together.

When I first began making movies, I wrote a short script specifically for Monique Holt, one of the very best actresses around. In SOME WOMEN, she plays six very different women at various stages of their lives. Here, she plays a young and naive Tina. (Although the 12-and-half-minute subtitled film does have an original score by Shanan Estreicher, this 34-second clip is silent to ease the obvious pain of downloading.)

In the summer of 2006, I finally created a bunch of DVDs containing the home movies that my father shot of us growing up. Here are some choice excerpts of moi in all his glory!

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