ST. MICHAEL'S FALL: A Sunday, May 1972

For those who've read the book, they'll remember the shenigans of my family in their frantic preparations for church. But really, what kind of a house did we have?

The house cropped off the right once belonged to Mrs. Kichak, who once owned the plum tree (hidden behind the garage on the left) now remembered in the poem "Mrs. Kichak's Plum Tree," forthcoming in THIS WAY TO THE ACORNS.

From a corner of the backyard.

Straight ahead is the power company, more formally known as the Lake Superior District Power Company. (I'm still in the backyard.)

It was always stirring to see our house from afar, especially when we turned off the Bulinski Boulevard.

This is how our house looks like from the corner of Spruce and Oak. Whether up close or afar, it was always an oasis of familiarity to us all. Always.

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