An excerpt from "Men In Pink Spacesuits" by Tom Kane

I was fourteen years old when I came out. That summer--August 1964--I'd looked at the word "homosexual." I thought, "Beautiful and sexy word." I looked it up, and then I'd decided to go down to Greenwich Village where I'd heard they were. I was really curious.

My friend joined me for company on the long subway ride south from the Bronx down to Greenwich Village. I got off and looked around a little. I saw a copy and wrote down on a pad, "Where are the fairies?"

The cop pointed toward Sheridan Square.

I said, "Really, really?"

I walked over that way and looked for a long time for homosexuals. That time it was a beatnik neighborhood, but I found none.

So I went home.

From EYES OF DESIRE: A DEAF GAY & LESBIAN READER (Alyson Publications, 1993), edited by Raymond Luczak.

© 1993 - 2008 Copyright by Raymond Luczak. All rights reserved.