An excerpt from "Black, Deaf, and Gay: True Identities"
by "PABLO"

Have you ever been involved with other black men? Any serious relationships there?

    To be honest, I only attempted to have some sexual experiences with other black men, but it didn't work for me because I feel they are my brothers, as part of my family, so I never had a real relationship with any black man. Of course, I do have black gay friends. I happen to be much more interested in interracial relationships.

You mean if you sleep with a black man, you feel it's almost like incest?

    Yes, you could say it that way. I may feel uncomfortable doing it, but I'd rather be a friend with him than go to bed with him.

Do you find it difficult to form relationships with white men?

    Really, I don't think that way. I'm more concerned about the communication barrier between deaf and hearing people, because it requires a lot of attention and work within the relationship. If I thought only of racial issues, guys would call me a racist and they wouldn't have a relationship with me. I'd have a more difficult time as a result.

From EYES OF DESIRE: A DEAF GAY & LESBIAN READER (Alyson Publications, 1993), edited by Raymond Luczak.

© 1993 - 2008 Copyright by Raymond Luczak. All rights reserved.