St. Michael's Fall is a paean to a lost way of life in the 1970s, and a steady potluck of memories sparked by seeing the places I once visited as a child and adolescent.

    The book is unfortunately out of print.

Below is the table of contents from ST. MICHAEL'S FALL with their first lines.


The Statue: "Autumn a gathering of the brittleness to come ..."


A Sunday, May 1972: "On Sunday mornings I was wide awake ... "

January 21, 1973: "It seemed like any other Sunday except ... "

July 4, 1974: "We stripped quickly down to swimsuits and dove ... "

Dialogue I: May 1975: "Mrs. Chambers, what is a Jew?"


The Sisters at ICGS: "You were the first nun I'd met ... "

Swing: "pull your shorts down some ... "

The Audiologist: "The thick gray windows never reveal ... "

Lent 1977: "The snow finally fell away to slush ... "

The Season Of Fur: "Frosty's brown-black nose ... "

Two Litanies: October 1977: "Mom, I thought of you in the two days you'd disappeared ... "

Crossroads: "The long sharp incline that led onto the boulevard ... "

Spelling Bee 1978: "A giddiness overtook my entire ... "

Training Bra: "My hearing aid harness hid ... "

Concerto: "In Grandma's house, Mom's upright piano ... "

Summer Nights 1979: "The green light of our Panasonic stereo ... "

Practice: "I stared at the black telephone ... "


Learning To Speak, Part I: "Mary Hoffman, didn't you know what you had ... "

Hummingbirds: "Our new Sheet Metal teacher left ... "

Dialogue II: March 1981: "One night when I fell asleep, I dreamed what ... "


The Crucifixion: "I was only an innocent boy at the time."

Learning To Speak, Part II: "Oh yes: I learned to speak."

Canaries: "My hands are canaries ... "

December 17, 1986: "I didn't weep at all when I learned ... "


Montreal River: "Four blocks away from Wisconsin: I grew ... "

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